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C. Hawker & Associates
Product knowledge, integrity, and service
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Our Associates are experts in their field. They work closely with all involved … manufacturer, distributor, and end-user. They excel in sales and in the products they sell. We believe in product knowledge … know all of your lines! Our unique expertise comes from diverse, yet supporting backgrounds, each individual brings. In addition to our broker expertise, we have “hands on” experience in:

  • Management – Corporate, distributor, other wholesale and retail. Our people know what it takes to grow successful businesses. They understand the big picture and the importance of strong, long-term relationships.
  • Business ownership - retail stores and other services.
  • Buyers and Customer Service – these skills allow us to successfully interact with our customers now holding these positions. Our people possess helpful knowledge on supporting the distributor.
  • Presentations and event planning – we are known for our spectacular food show, exhibition and meeting presentations.
  • Training – We offer product knowledge training to our distributors and exemplary training hands-on to our end user, e.g., pizza program training.
Pizza is our specialty!

We develop customized programs from
gourmet to take-and-bake

Expert trainers are available to launch the process

We handle everything including - Pizza bags, boxes and liners.
A partial list of the products we represent...
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Dairy - Cheese: custom blends, shred/diced, block, wheels, grated, shaved, feta, goat cheese, cubes, deli and more.
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Meats - Pizza toppings (beef, pork and pepperoni), Italian meats, Philly steak, roast beef, pastrami, chicken, turkey and deli meats.
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Bakery – Par-baked pizza crust, Italian flatbreads, wraps, dough balls, Gourmet cakes, cannoli (Shells and cream) Danish.
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Grocery – Spices, nuts and dried fruit; pickles/peppers/fried onions; California tomatoes canned and pouch; canned and dry-pack vegetables, frozen vegetables, battered/breaded vegetables.
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Imports – Tuna, Mushrooms, olives, pineapple, pepperoncini, Mandarin oranges, artichokes. ITALIAN IMPORTS: Olive oil, pasta, vinegar, pesto and more.
Gluten Free: Crusts, hoagie buns, ravioli, brownies and more.